Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Guest Blogger: "Republic"

Since I have not yet seemed to have made time to do a blog entry, I thought I could at least post the following, which my brother wrote. His words are in red:

A republic ceases being such when elected representatives ignore the will of the constituents who put them in Congress because they believed they would keep their interests in mind. Instead they vote according to party lines, according to pressure from lobbyists, and according to the offers that buy their vote. A republic ceases being such when the "representative" body crams legislation the majority of voters oppose, down their throat. A republic ceases being such when a state can opt out of a program, yet still pay taxes to support the very program they reject. A republic ceases being such when the rights of many are superseded by the rights of a few. A republic ceases being such when the ruling elite decide that they know more than those who put them in power and can therefor ignore the will of the people.

A republic is a government for the people and by the people. It is developed from the consent of the governed. All of these things are ceasing to exist in America.

What did you hope for in 2008? Because, it really doesn't matter what YOU hope for, because the people in office do not care about what YOU think, they already know what is best for YOU.

What change did you vote for in 2008? Because, the change we are getting is more corruption, more government, more control, and the gradual death of what America once was.

A quick study of history would show that the golden ages of the greatest empires, the greatest dynasties, and the greatest nations fall when corruption, greed, and abuse of power rear their ugly heads. The greatest also last about 200 years. Are we too destined to go into the history books as greatness that came to an end because our "leaders" mismanaged that which we so enjoyed? It is beginning to look that way.

Pray they don't complete their makeover of America before the 2010 Elections. Then again, I am probably just bitter and clinging to my religion and guns (which I should buy before that part of the Constitutional also comes under attack.)

Think about it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

This blog is not dead

I really need to write on this blog more...I often have ideas to blog about, but never get around to it. That needs to change, because more than ever now, our culture is going backwards, all society spews at us are lies, and our very freedoms are being threatened on new, unknown fronts.

Part of living out God's will in your life is knowing the talents and gifts He has bestowed upon us, and then using them. People tell me I have a gift of writing, and I would tend to agree with them. So it is not a matter of convenience on my part...I will start blogging again. Just not this moment...I have a final exam to take in 30 minutes!

Coming up: Global Warming in Copenhagen, Nike continues to endorse our backwards society