Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hebrews 2:1-4....Hearing God

Back in January, I took some time to flip open my Bible, and write a full page in a notebook on what I read. I felt inspired to take a peak back at what I had written, for I couldn't remember, but I thought it might help me, and others, with whatever may be going on with them. So here is my entry from January 26, on Hebrews 2:1-4 (read it before going on!)
This passage starts out "Therefore, we must attend all the more to what we have heard, so that we may not be carried away." How true this is today for us Christians! We live in a world where it is very easy to be carried away by sin. Our culture has forgotten God, and it tries to make us forget Him too. It tries to distract us from our faith and our God. We are told here though that we must pay attention to what we have heard that combats society's ways! We cannot simply get by, going to Mass once a week...or, worse yet, not at all. No...this is not a spectator's sport! Instead, we need to keep God on our minds, in our hearts, and on our tongues and hands and eyes and feet ALWAYS! In this age, yes, we must attend all the more to what we have heard.

What have we heard though...or do we let the world drown out the voice of our loving Father? In Church, do we pay full attention...or does our mind wander? Do we fret and worry and zone out? I know I have trouble. But do we zone out while watching a movie or playing a game? it CAN be done, especially with God's help. What else do we hear? Do we read the Word of God? Do we pray and talk...not to, but WITH Him? Can we hear His loving voice, guiding us and leading us? As verse 4 says, we not only have what we have heard, but we have signs, wonders, acts of power and the gifts of the Holy Spirit! We need to latch onto these things and hold them dear at all times. We need to pray and read the Bible to HEAR God. And then, by His grace, we need to do what He tells us to do, and attend to His holy will...or else, "how shall we escape if we ignore so great a salvation?"

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Who is Your Valentine?

Valentine's Day. Another holiday for the merchants to rake in the dough. Flowers, chocolates, perfumes, cards, candy, stuffed animals...go to a store, and you are almost certain to see some frantic guy, rushing around to buy these things up for his beloved before its too late. And it is a nice gesture, to buy gifts for your beloved to let them know how much you love them. It is a special day for our Western Culture to celebrate love.

So who is your valentine this year? For many, this is a no brainer question. Those of us, my self included, who are blessed with a significant other, whether as a spouse, a fiance(e), or simply a good friend you are dating, it seems obvious that our significant other is our one and only Valentine. However, this year, lets not forget someone else that should be our Valentine! There is someone that loves us each more than we can imagine, and He longs for each and every one of us with a desire stronger than anything any of us can experience. He loves us so much, He died on the cross for us. And He left us a lengthy love note, in the Sacred Scriptures. So this year, return the love and make Jesus your Valentine.

This picture inspired me to write this, and I encourage you to make this picture your icon on the internet this weekend. Facebook, Twitter, Myspace...whatever you use, go ahead and remember He who loves you most!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Massachusets Senate Candidate Outrage

Tomorrow, a special election is being held for the late Senator Kennedy's seat in the Senate. It is a hotly contested race, and, with the health care bill going through the Senate in December with literally no votes to spare, this election is sure to have a tremendous impact on the future of our nation.

One of the candidates, Attorney General Martha Coakley, recently talked about healthcare workers and some of the more controversial aspects of healthcare, such as abortion. And what did she have to say to the Catholics of Massachusetts, and the entire nation? "You can have religious freedom but you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room."

How hypocritical and outrageous! This is a direct assault on Catholic healthcare workers and is extremely discriminatory. Where is the outrage? Can you imagine if someone said "Well, if you are African American, you shouldn't work in the emergency room." or " are shouldn't be in the emergency room." or even "You are a female. You don't belong in the emergency room." That person's political career would be OVER in a heartbeat, and rightly so. How, then, can she say there can be religious freedom, and then in the same sentence, discriminate against nearly a quarter of the entire population of the United States?

Fellow citizens in Massachusetts...especially those who are Catholic in Massachusetts: How can you vote for this bigotry? I don't care what your political affiliation you really want this person representing you, when she doesn't even believe in basic American principles? Think about it before you cast your vote tomorrow.