Monday, January 18, 2010

Massachusets Senate Candidate Outrage

Tomorrow, a special election is being held for the late Senator Kennedy's seat in the Senate. It is a hotly contested race, and, with the health care bill going through the Senate in December with literally no votes to spare, this election is sure to have a tremendous impact on the future of our nation.

One of the candidates, Attorney General Martha Coakley, recently talked about healthcare workers and some of the more controversial aspects of healthcare, such as abortion. And what did she have to say to the Catholics of Massachusetts, and the entire nation? "You can have religious freedom but you probably shouldn’t work in the emergency room."

How hypocritical and outrageous! This is a direct assault on Catholic healthcare workers and is extremely discriminatory. Where is the outrage? Can you imagine if someone said "Well, if you are African American, you shouldn't work in the emergency room." or " are shouldn't be in the emergency room." or even "You are a female. You don't belong in the emergency room." That person's political career would be OVER in a heartbeat, and rightly so. How, then, can she say there can be religious freedom, and then in the same sentence, discriminate against nearly a quarter of the entire population of the United States?

Fellow citizens in Massachusetts...especially those who are Catholic in Massachusetts: How can you vote for this bigotry? I don't care what your political affiliation you really want this person representing you, when she doesn't even believe in basic American principles? Think about it before you cast your vote tomorrow.


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Javadawn said...

Could you be a little more clear Todd - how exactly do you feel about this?! :P :D